December 22nd 2019

10 of our students that sat for the national exam earlier this fall passed! They are now proceeding to high school. Thank you to Invictus Institute for supporting our students! We could not do this without you and are so thankful!

November 8th 2019

Quick progress has been made and seven additional classrooms are under construction. Sturdy walls and cement flooring are underway.

November 5th 2019

Thanks to Invictus Institute volunteer donations, we have been able to repair and rebuild classrooms needed to satisfy the requirements of the Ministry of Education. These classrooms will be larger, more solid, and safer for our students!

IMG-20191106-WA0001 IMG-20191106-WA0000

September 30th 2019

A well has been dug much closer to school grounds! At 25 feet, water was reached. Walls are being built around the well and a pump pulling water out of the ground is functioning!


September 10th 2019
  1. The donation of a backup generator from Tutor Krishnan ($1200) made the online tutoring continuous with the power outages a thing of the past. The school is now in light throughout the day.
  2. Thanks to Invictus Institute donations, the school is being prepared for registration with the Ministry of Education. A fence has been erected all around the school and gates installed. The approved plan for the current and future building structures in the school has also been formed (a mandatory requirement by education authorities). The next step is the inspection by the Public health personnel whose report will be forwarded to the Education ministry for registration.
  3. The first classroom funded by Invictus is now complete. For now, it is safe to say that the future of Phildan students is assured.
September 8th 2018

Students at a school assembly!


August 28th 2019

September is right around the corner! We wish all of the students the best of luck as they continue their studies!

March 12th 2019

With monsoon season upon us, storms have been impacting our power supply. We are doing our best to stay positive and continue to learn! A little rain (or a lot of rain) won’t dampen our spirits. We are finding new ways to learn every day!

January 11th 2019

The Magic of Invictus in Action!

With a new year comes new promise and exciting new developments! Just last week, Phildan students enjoyed their first lunch in our new dining hall. Thank you to Invictus for making dreams come true!

We wish all of our friends and supporters the very best in 2019. May the New Year bring blessings, promise, and much learning to all.

December 31st 2018

We wish everyone a happy and healthy new year!

December 22nd 2018

Last Thursday, a strong storm knocked down two of the poles that bring power to our community. Our power has finally been restored and classes can now resume!

November 15th 2018

Last week, a blown transformer impacted our power. Thanks to the hard work and help of local officials, we are happy to say that all electricity has returned! We can finally get back on schedule!

November 1st 2018

Congratulations to our Class 8 students for finishing their national exams! We are proud of you and all of your hard work!

October 23rd 2018

Wishing all Class 8 students who are sitting for national exams in the next few weeks the very best! We believe in you!

October 20th 2018

Our students are hard at working studying for upcoming exams. Tested areas include Math, Social Studies, Science, and Language.

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