Invictus Institute Developments

Much like we learn that “caring is sharing” and “one good act often leads to another”, our students have benefited greatly from the strong model that Mr. Kasey Beck (Invictus Institute’s Founder and Director) has set. Thanks to the philanthropic gestures of Mr. Kasey Beck, the students of Phildan Memorial Education Center have experienced a variety of benefits and developments:

1 — Uniform Support

Tutor Christopher T. donated funds to buy a uniform and a pair of shoes for one of his students when he noticed that the student’s uniform was torn.

2 — Lunches

Tutor Lakshmi R. and Tutor Chrisna D. are supporting Phildan Memorial Education Center’s lunch program on a monthly basis. These efforts have led to improved daily attendance, better student health, and reduced dropouts.

3 — A Reading Library

Tutors Amna M., Sandy G., and Sophi S. each donated textbooks to support Phildan Memorial Education Center’s growing library. Their donations have helped boost the school’s reading culture and the reading levels of our students.

4 — Facilities 

The Invictus Institute has funded the construction of three toilets for use by the students.

5 — A Dining Hall and Kitchen

The Invictus Institute has funded the current construction of a dining hall and kitchen. These structures will allow the students to enjoy their meals in a healthy environment. Tutor Meanie W. and Mr. Kasey Beck are supporting the funding and Phildan Memorial Education Center are forever grateful for this very noble gesture.

6 — An Online Presence

Tutor Sophi S. is responsible for the inspiration, creation and maintenance of this website. We are now able to share our work and our story. The whole world can now learn about all the efforts being done to help the orphans and vulnerable kids at Phildan prepare themselves for a future of light, hope, and exposure to the outside world.

7 — International Visits

In June 2018, Tutor Stephanie S. made the first ever visit to our school by any foreign individual. In September 2017, Mr. Kasey Beck visited Phildan Memorial Education Center. We are forever grateful for their time and presence. Our students and faculty benefited tremendously from their visits. We call this real exposure for all of us here, particularly the students!

8 — Future Schooling

Tutor Louise C. paid schooling fees for our students who passed the national exam  in 2018 which allowed them to continue on to high school. Tutor Louise teaches English at a high school in Vero Beach, Florida and her students tutor the students here at Phildan.

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