Phildan Memorial Education Center was founded by Mika Dolla in 2014. The initial student population was 45 (2014) and the number has since risen to 154 (2018).

The school is managed by a board of 6 members and a school committee of 12 members. The school board functions to create school related policies and the school management  team works to implement them.

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Phildan Memorial Education Center is situated near Ahero, 14 miles from the lakeside city of Kisumu, in Kisumu County, Kenya (shaded in red on the map).


Founder (Mika Dolla)

Mika Dolla, now 65, is a retired headteacher with over 40 years teaching experience both in public and private schools in Kenya. As founder of the Phildan Memorial Education Center, he works to provide education and assistance to the children living in the Kisumu County.